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Acupuncture Sessions:
In clinic session:   This includes consultation, examination, and treatment with acupuncture needles.
Fee:                                   $68.25
          W/ E-stim                $84.00
In home:   This includes consultation, examination, and treatment in the privacy of your own home.  (excellent for poor travelers and feline patients)
Fee:                                   $173.25

Chinese Herbs:  
Chinese herbs prescribed for various treatments including kidney failure, arthritis, cancer, immune support, skin disease
1 oz:                                  $29.40
4 oz:                                  $100.80

Massage Therapy:
per sessions:                     $50.00
6 sessions:                        $250.00
12sessions:                       $500.00

Rehabilitation services:
This includes under water treadmill, stretching, strength building, therapeutic ultrasound, neuromuscular stimulation, and physioball work

Water treadmill:
Per session                       $47.25

Physical therapy: 
Per session                       $36.80
       W/water treadmill       $15.80

Cold Laser Therapy:
Over 6 minutes:                 $68.25
Under 6 minutes:               $36.75

Weight Management Services:

This includes caloric intake counseling, water/land treadmill as appropriate, as well as hill/stair work to help burn extra calories.  Your patient will be monitored during their entire workout.
Per session:                     $47.25

Nutritional Counseling:

This includes diet consultation, discussion, homemade balanced diet and follow up


Chiropractic Care offered my Animal Chiropractic, Dr. Gregg Coker by appointment only.


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